Presenting the Kindness Lab. Mindful is a company providing customer experience solutions so that when you call support, you get support. They asked us to create a booth for the Customer Contact Conference at Cesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. Problem was, there were just six weeks from when Mindful reached out to when the booth needed to be up and running. Kind of an insane schedule.


We collaborated with craftsman Ben Laramie, with whom we’ve worked on other similar projects. Ben designed and built the structure in such a way that it could be broken down and put in a crate, both for shipment to Las Vegas and so it could be used at other events. Thanks to our tight collaboration, we were able to negotiate the back and forth of concepts and get the booth designed, built, and delivered to the conference center within the expedited timeframe.


Mindful wanted a laboratory theme for their booth. We pulled from their pastel brand colors to create this soft glowing lab of tubes, cords and balls, providing a handsome home in which Mindful could meet with customers over the course of the show.